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Hi beautiful! Nice to see you visiting our page. Here you can read more about us and if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.

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Greetings from Finland!

We say our greetings to you from Finland! The Sparklin Nails team consists of many nail enthusiasts ready to make you feel empowered with the trendy nail sets we offer.

All our products are designed and packaged here in Finland and shipped worldwide so that every one of you could get the pretty nails you deserve. We want to welcome you to shop our beautiful press-on nails while supporting female entrepreneurship. 

The story behind Sparklin Nails

We know that it sucks to pay a ton of money to get your nails done. We know the feeling of having damaged and weak nail beds after a set of acrylics. We have felt the worst when we have just painted our nails and the next time we look at them they are ruined because the polish didn't dry well enough. It was time for a change.

The idea of press-on nails started to intrigue us. Only under 25€ and is easy to apply and remove whenever you want. How that could even be possible? But it was. Only one problem occurred: there weren't any trendy or beautiful press-on nails in the Finnish market. One time we went to get press-on nails and the only color that was available was a very bright turquoise. Also the nails were short and childish looking. Not something you would wear on your nails on a night out.

And that is when the idea of Sparklin Nails was born. 

Our mission

Our mission is to make you feel good and beautiful with our nails. We want to give a boost to your self-confidence and make you feel so powerful that you could take over the whole damn world. That's what long sparklin nails are for.

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